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Our Company, Sarbinowski Automobile, offers a wide variety of services. We would like to help you to make your rent and lease as easy and convenient as possible.


Here you can find all our offers. If any offer attracted your interest, don't hesitate to contact us.

Property in Walsrode

At the rail station in Walsrode

Price: Agreement   
Type: Rent   
Size: 130m²   


We offer 200m² of flex space with 130m² of refurbished usable area next to the rail station in Walsrode for rent. Perfect for a diner, retail trade, etc. Water and current as well as gas connection are ready to use. Modification by request possible.

Property in Harburg

Nöldekstraße, Hamburg

Price: Agreement   
Type: Rent / Lease   
Size: 1500m²   


Flex space in Hamburg-Harburg for rent or lease, for example use as a ramp or storage area. Existing connection directly to main road, just 500m away. We can offer you more space if needed by request.


Ordasstraße/Am Kanal, Dannenberg

Price: Agreement   
Type: Rent / Lease   
Size: 11.000m²   


We offer a 11.000m² property with direct connection to the main road and nearby a DIY market for rent or lease by agreement. Property is divisible by request.

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We, from Sarbinowski-Immobile, have taken care for of the wishes and services of our customers. Our customers satisfaction is our goal. Because of our huge experience are we capable to help you with all your questions and concerns. The company, Sarbinwoski-Immobile, looks forward to your visit.


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